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Our ears are burning (thanks you lovely lot)

Healthy plump grains!

Kefir grains arrived this morning, super packaging, I am just having my first glass of delicious kefir today, thanks.

Mike – Verified Buyer

Excellent service

Arrived quickly. The keifer was fresh. I have had it several weeks and it is still alive and multiplying. The keifer tastes excellent, creamy and is very thick. I would definetly recommend it!

Stacey – Verified Buyer

Arrived quickly

This was my first time buying kefir grains and making my own milk kefir. The product came quickly, was excellent, and the instructions made the job really easy.

Donna – Verified Buyer

Best kefir grains

I just wanted to write back and say thank you for the kefir grains. They are some of the fastest acting grains I’ve ever used. They were live, plump, and able to grow well from the beginning. And thanks for all the great information that you sent along with the grains. That was a real plus!!! Wishing you the best in health.

Charlie – Verified Buyer

Greetings fellow kefir fans

Your Kefir grains were fantastic. They’re loving their new (continued) RAW organic milk home and began growing like weeds right away, even after being stuck in the mail for a couple of days. I feel like they nearly doubled in the first few days? I’ve been putting the kefir on and in everything I make. Wonderful flavor & I feel fantastic!

Rene – Verified Buyer

Just fantastic

Just wanted to thank you again for such a quick response. The grains are doing very well, and after a week, I’m now using the extras to experiment. My family is starting to learn more about kefir and kombucha, and they are excited about the whole process.
The information you sent along with the grains was very helpful. Thank you for educating as well as providing excellent quality and service.

Sheryl – Verified Buyer

Thanks so much

I have ordered Kefir grains from you twice and both times I received my order quickly and in perfect order. The grains were so healthy and grew very quickly. I’ve shared them with family and friends, and am sitting here now, drinking a fresh glass of room temperature perfectly-fermented kefir blended with raspberries. So delicious! Thanks so much for steering me from the powder to getting the grains!!!

Cindy – Verified Buyer

Great value

Thank you for sharing with everyone and for making kefir affordable, I am looking forward to making my family and friends healthier with your Kefir grains. I appreciate the wonderful instructions and information regarding other products and methods of keeping healthy! I hope you are having a beautiful summer, For premium grains and help, are a good source and great value, I am a happy “customer”

Amy – Verified Buyer

Our kefir grains are live, we do not dell dehydrated grains

It is very important to note that our grains are live and are verified which means that they are of excellent quality. We grow our grains using certified whole fat organic milk. We pride ourselves on selling grains that have been grown with love, care and attention by professionals with all safety standards in place.

You won’t get this strain from any other supplier.