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  • Over time, your cultures will grow and multiply.
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Over time, your cultures will grow and multiply. They can be continually re-used, therefore you will never need to buy more.


Organic Kombucha Scobys

100% Live, Fresh Kombucha SCOBYs with potent starter tea. Produced with top quality organic tea and certified organic cane sugar.

Minimum of six weeks growth so just right for brewing as not too old.


Why buy from us?
Premium organic and unique strains
Cultures are ready to ferment
Guaranteed to work
Lifetime customer support
kombucha scoby

No fussy chemicals, just naturally healthy cultures as they should be!

kefir cultures
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Organic certified milk kefir grains now in stock now...

Even if you have had kefir before, you need to try these! We grow our grains using only the finest, certified organic ingredients. Make your own tasty kefir drinks – instructions and support provided.

Our kefir grains can be continually re-used, therefore you will never need to buy more. A single purchase of our cultures can provide you with a lifetimes supply!




When fermenting more than one live culture at home, we suggest a distance of at least 4 feet between the cultures at all times. This is to help stop cross contamination of the different cultures and is of particular importance when culturing dairy products. The only exception to this is when cultures are being stored in the refrigerator with tight-fitting lids.