Kombucha FAQ’s

Have questions about our Kombucha Cultures? Find answers to some of the most asked questions about this culture product:

Making kombucha is not difficult and in simple terms – Add the kombucha culture to a glass jar containing tea and sugar, then allow sit for 7-14 days.

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Yes, a single purchase of our cultures can provide you with a lifetimes supply of kombucha.

You can use just about any tea for making kombucha and the taste will vary depending on your choice. Regular black tea is the most common tea used for making kombucha.

We prefer organic cane sugar. It is completely fermentable and produces a drink with a better taste and higher content of healthy organic acids than other types of sugar. Brown sugar is less popular because it contains molasses and produces tea with stronger vinegary taste and darker cloudy color. Regular granulated sugar also works well.

Some good signs to look out for are the development of strands of brown yeast floating about in the mixture and the development of a new kombucha scoby (baby scoby) close to the top of the jar.

Allow to culture at room temperature, 20 – 25°C is perfect for approx 7-14 days.

The kombucha is generally ready when it obtains a semi-sweet cider taste, a slight vinegar aroma and is fizzy. Usually it takes about 7 days depending on temperature.

We recommend no longer than 7 days in the refrigerator as you will usually find the kombucha begins to turn into vinegar from there on out. Not really pleasant to drink but this can always be used as a starter tea if required!

Kombucha Scobys can either sink, be somewhere in the middle or rise to the top. It really doesn’t matter as long as it’s not moldy and otherwise looks healthy.

Yes, kombucha cultures do in fact multiply. Each time you brew a batch of kombucha tea a new starter culture will form. The original starter culture (aka “the mother”) and the new starter culture (aka “the baby”) can each be used to brew a new batch of kombucha tea.

Do not drink the kombucha! Throw it out and start your next batch with a new culture and follow the directions carefully.

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If you need to take a break for a few weeks for an upcoming holiday etc.. and you’re worried about what to do with your kombucha scoby, then follow the steps below:

Simply go ahead and place the scoby in a fresh mixture of tea, sugar and water. Now cover the jar, just like you always do and place it in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures greatly slow the culturing process, so the refrigerator is a good place to store the scoby when a break is necessary.

The kombucha scoby will be absolutely fine for up to 5 weeks, although we don’t recommend drinking the kombucha when you return as the kombucha will be more like vinegar at this point. However, you can still use it as a starter tea if you like.

There you go!

Remember, like most live cultures, kombucha scobys can be temperamental and will take a while to master. These instructions should only serve as a guide and are a reflection of what works for us. After a while you are likely to find your own way and methods which is the beauty (and fun!) of working with kombucha.

Our products are living cultures and for best results they should ideally be used within 48hrs of receiving them. The faster the cultures are used the higher the success rate. All live cultures require settling after being shipped. It is normal for cultures to take 3-5 brews to fully settle into their new environment. Please see instructions for more details.