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Due to laws and regulations, we do not make any claims to health benefits when using our products. We do not list any on our website.

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Always be careful when using kefir or other fermented food products with medications and always seek medical guidance before proceeding if in any doubt. If you have any health concerns about growing your own cultures we are happy to recommend a store bought substitute.

We are happy to support you with the fermentation process and we are always happy to answer any non medical related questions and queries.

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We absolutely guarantee our cultures to ferment and reproduce if used within the stated use by date listed on the packaging. If not, we will happily replace them free of charge.


We are regulated by Limerick City Council rules and regulations related to operating a food premise and therefore undergo regular inspections to ensure safety and hygiene levels are always at the highest levels. We hold the relevant food and hygiene certificates required to operate a food business in Ireland.

Our products are living cultures and for best results they should ideally be used within 48hrs of receiving them. The faster the cultures are used the higher the success rate. All live cultures require settling as they adjust to their new environment (they are very temperature sensitive). It is normal for cultures to take 3-5 brews to fully settle into their new environment. Please see instructions for more details.