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Live Milk Kefir Grains

Our milk kefir grains are the descendants of the original kefir cultures from the Caucasus region and are delivered fresh.

These are premium, unique strains which you will not get from any other supplier. Our grains are far superior and provides a light and tasty milk kefir which you can enjoy at home.

All kefir grains are alike, but they are not the same!

Watch out for low quality Milk Kefir Grains!!

Just as all people are humans, but none are exactly alike, kefir grains also vary from one to the next.

A large variety of bacteria have been isolated and identified in milk kefir grains. Known species are among four genus groups; Lactobacilli, Streptococci Lactococci, Acetobacter and Yeasts. So far anywhere from 50+ strains of bacteria and yeasts have been identified from milk kefir around the world. Our Milk kefir grains are known to contain over 40 strains of bacteria and yeast making it one of the best sources known worldwide.

A single purchase of our milk kefir grains can provide you with a lifetimes supply of delicious milk kefir. Authentic milk kefir can only be made by using real milk kefir grains and not from any kind of packet or powder!

Fermenting at home has never been easier!

  • You will receive a generous amount of milk kefir grains, sent in a dairy nutrient rich liquid starter solution to keep them happy and healthy on their journey to you.
  • 10 grams of kefir grains will produce approx 500ml of milk kefir every 24-48 hours.
  • Over time, your grains will grow and multiply. This means you can either make more kefir at a time or enjoy stronger kefir in the same time.
  • Our kefir is very easy to ferment: simply place the grains in whole milk, cover loosely and leave out of direct sunlight in a warm room for 24 hours or more, depending on temperature (full instructions provided).
  • If you wish you can make kefir from non dairy milk, ie coconut milk, rice milk etc ….
  • Raised with love and delivered fresh to you!

So we finally got around to making a how to video..

This video is not shot with a with a fancy camera or made by a professional video producer, we just wanted to show you how to get started with milk kefir. Making milk kefir is not difficult and in simple terms – Add the milk kefir grains to a glass jar, add milk, let it sit, take the grains out and you are done…


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