organic milk kefir grains

Nothing Powdered or Altered!

We pride ourselves on producing milk kefir grains that have been grown with love, care and attention by professionals with all safety standards in place. Our Grains are a premium organic and unique strain which you will not find anywhere else.

Over time, your grains will grow and multiply. This means you can either make more kefir at a time or enjoy stronger kefir in the same time.

You can do it… everything you need to make 100% authentic kefir at home!



Our products are living cultures and for best results they should ideally be used within 48hrs of receiving them. The faster the cultures are used the higher the success rate. All live cultures require settling as they adjust to their new environment (they are very temperature sensitive). It is normal for cultures to take 3-5 brews to fully settle into their new environment. Please see instructions for more details.