The best way to contact us is to drop us a message. We aim to answer all emails as quickly as possible, usually within 24hrs.

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Kefir Grains
Limerick City

Our business hours are 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We are a small family run business and cannot facilitate collections. Please do not call unannounced.

We are an online business and it is usually best to reach us via email:

We will always aim to reply the same day.

Kefir Grains is a trading name of Live Ferments.
Business Registration Number: 635844
HSE Premises Reference: 086438
IOA License Number: 7812

Our products are living cultures and for best results they should ideally be used within 48hrs of receiving them. The faster the cultures are used the higher the success rate. All live cultures require settling as they adjust to their new environment (they are very temperature sensitive). It is normal for cultures to take 3-5 brews to fully settle into their new environment. Please see instructions for more details.